About & Mission

Zangze Group AG is a registered Swiss company in-good-legal-standing that was officially incorporated and Capitalized in Switzerland in November, 2011.

Zangze has developed an Ultra-Secure Internet Communications Platform through which individualized and unique GROUP Virtual Private Networks ("VPN") are available to enable the Users of their Company or GROUP to securely communicate with-and-between other Users of the same Company or GROUP.

This is accomplished, primarily, by each User utilizing a unique Zangze-issued, ISO-7816-Certified, Three-Factor-Authentication ("3FA"), Zangze USB- BioPass Security Fido-Stick ("ZSS") using SHA256 with ECDSA on P-256 and biometric identification before using the key. The ZSS is connected to the VPN on the Multi-Layered- up to 4096-bits, AES256, SHA256, RSA-Asymmetrically-Encoded Communications Platform through the User's laptop or desktop computer.

Zangze's mission is to provide ultimate secure & private internet communication and data transfer capability for private companies and groups, and their employees and members.

Overall Company & Group Benefits

- Worldwide availability ensures cost-effective project processes.

- Ultimate Secure & Private Internet Communication and Data Transfer capability for Companies and Groups, and for their Employees and Members (Users).

- Secure sharing of highly confidential personal information and analysis.

- The confidence of being able to engage in the highest possible secure Internet communications with all other Users within a Company or Group.

- Absolute User & Group confidentiality due to "No" Zangze access, copy, or control of messages & data.

- No driver software installation required.

- Compliance with (and Protection of) Extensive Swiss Federal Data Protection laws.

- Compliance with IT governance policies.

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