About & Mission

Zangze Group AG is a registered Swiss company in-good-legal-standing that was officially incorporated and Capitalized with CHF 100'000 in Switzerland in November, 2011. Many of the key concepts of Zangze have "evolved" from a series of other Swiss companies that were started and operated between 2004 and 2010 by the same current owners of Zangze.

Zangze Group AG has no debt or other financial or legal obligations.

Zangze has developed an Ultra-Secure Internet Communications Platform through which individualized and unique GROUP Virtual Private Networks ("VPN") are available to enable the Users of any Company or GROUP to securely communicate with-and-between other Users of the same Company or GROUP.

This is accomplished, primarily, by each User utilizing a unique Zangze-issued, ISO-7816-Certified, Three-Factor-Authentication ("3FA"), Zangze USB- BioPass Security Fido-Stick ("ZSS") using SHA256 with ECDSA on P-256 and biometric identification before using the key. The Zangze USB- BioPass Security Fido-Stick ("ZSS") is connected to the VPN on the Multi-Layered- up to 4096-bits, AES256, SHA256, RSA-Asymmetrically-Encoded, Communications Platform through the User's laptop or desktop computer.

Zangze's mission is to provide ultimate secure & private internet communication and data transfer capability for private companies and groups, and their employees and members.

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