General Terms & Conditions (T&C)


Zangze Group, AG (ZANGZE) provides email, chat, instant messaging, data file transfer, and transfer of pictures or videos communication (collectively, SERVICES) to any type of Companies / Groups (established formal "business, social, or governmental" Groups ; collectively "Group's) of as few as (2) people, or, as many as an unlimited number of people (User's), on a ZANGZE Internet Network Communications Platform through which individualized and unique Group Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are available to enable the Users of any Group to securely communicate with-and-between other Users of the same Group. This is accomplished by each User utilizing a special Zangze-issued, ISO-7816 - Certified, Three-Factor-Authentication ( 3FA ), RSA-Asymmetrically-Encoded, Multi-Layered 4096-bit, SHA 256-bit and AES 256-bit encoded - Internet - Enabled, Zangze Security Stick (ZSS ) USB-Device (with such Device known as a Zangze Security Stick ; ZSS or Stick or Token) that is connected through their laptop or desktop computer under an Agreement with ZANGZE (Agreement), based on the following Key Terms & Conditions (T&C) which automatically apply to all Users and Groups.


In order to use ZANGZE SERVICES, Companies or Groups (and all their Users) must be willing to provide true, correct, and complete personal data and full disclosure in accordance with ZSS application-form requirements, as well as to periodically update this registration data to remain true, correct, actual, and complete. If ZANGZE shall have substantive evidence to believe that any required User data is not true, or incorrect, or expired, or incomplete, then ZANGZE shall have the right to give notice to the User to immediately correct such data, and if not satisfactorily corrected by the User, to then delete such User account temporarily or permanently, and/or, to cancel it whenever it chooses.

Users further represent to ZANGZE that all content provided for SERVICES is solely owned by and provided by each User personally (or with the express authority of the Company or Group a User represents), and such content does not infringe upon any other individual's or organization's rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights), and is not defamatory, libelous, unlawful or otherwise unacceptable.

Each User needs to register on the ZANGZE Webpage (, and fully complete the ZSS application providing ZANGZE with (but not limited to) their full legal Name, physical residence address, E-Mail address, Country-or-State-issued Photo ID or Passport copy, and their initial choice of a Password (for initial registration purposes only), and, to also pay for the SERVICES using ONLY a direct Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer. Upon complete registration, the User receives confirmation from ZANGZE within 1-hour, and ZANGZE will send the ZSS Token and accompanying Smartcard and PIN to the User (by Post-delivery) within 20 business days after User payment is received and confirmed.


Access to the SERVICES is available to Users who are properly registered on ZANGZE (including having made full payment to ZANGZE for the SERVICES) and who are legitimatized and properly identified for use by ZANGZE. Currently, the following legitimization and identification data will be applicable :

a) ZANGZE-issued User Account number, and, (if Group) affiliated Group number ;
b) ZANGZE-issued User PIN number ;
c) User's self-chosen initial Password, and, User's self-chosen ultra-secure Changed-Password ;
d) ZANGZE-issued, Multi-Layered 4096-bit, RSA-Asymmetric Encrypted, Three-Factor-Authentication (3FA), ZSS Token.

ZANGZE has the right to introduce revised or additional ZSS Token data legitimization and identification requirements (and accompanying ZSS), and, to accordingly withdraw existing ones at any time. The User acknowledges and accepts that when their ZSS Token is activated for the first time, it will be allocated with a unique identification number which will be saved in the ZANGZE system and on the ZSS Token, in order to assure proper identification of such User and their ZSS Token at all times.

In the event that the User loses his ZSS Token, then they will be obligated to immediately notify ZANGZE of this, and, must order (and pay for) a new ZSS Token. The User herewith acknowledges and accepts that until ZANGZE has subsequently activated the new ZSS Token, no SERVICES will be available to the User utilizing such new device.

Additionally, ZANGZE does not store (or have access) to the User's Password after initial registration. Therefore, in the event that the User loses or forgets their self-chosen Password, Zangze cannot provide the User with their Password, and in such case, the entirety of the User's Data cannot be restored by ZANGZE (and will be lost), and, the User must order (and pay for) a new ZSS Token.


After full User registration is completed (and payment to ZANGZE has been made), each User receives a Registration number. Additionally, each User will receive (separately, by Post-delivery) their PIN code and ZSS Token. For maximum User security, it is most strongly recommended by ZANGZE that upon receipt of their ZSS Token, each User should immediately change their initial Password that they registered with, to a much more complex and uniquely private choice (Changed-Password) that is not easily ascertainable.

ZANGZE does not store (or have access to) the User's Password after initial registration, so the User is obligated to keep and remember his Password (or make sure that they can somehow recover it on their own if they forget). Otherwise, in the event that the User loses their Password, ZANGZE cannot recover it for the User, and in such case, the entirety of the User's Data cannot be restored by ZANGZE (and will be lost), and, the User must order (and pay for) a new ZSS Token.

Each User shall be solely and fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Account number, PIN number, and Password and is responsible for all usage and activity on their account, including any use of the account by any third party (that they might choose to authorize, at their sole discretion, to use said account).

The responsibility for ALL information and data of any nature whatsoever that the User transmits, is exclusively born by the User from whom such contents has originated. This means that the User, and NOT ZANGZE, shall bear full responsibility for ALL contents entered, published, sent by e-mail, or sent through the SERVICES in any other way.

Any terrorist, fraudulent, abusive or otherwise illegal activity regarding any User account (or Group) by any party (including, but not limited to, the User) may be grounds for immediate termination by ZANGZE and immediate referral of the User and/or Group by ZANGZE to appropriate and applicable law enforcement agencies.

In the case of suspicion that unauthorized third parties have access to the User's legitimization parameters, the User must notify ZANGZE and change the respective legitimization parameters immediately.


Because of the unique nature of the ZSS Token-to-ZSS Token (End-to-End) Multi-Layered 4096-bit RSA-Asymmetrically Encrypted, Three-Factor-Authentication (3FA) communication methodology being used between Users over each unique Group VPN, ZANGZE CANNOT ACCESS OR CONTROL the contents of User messages and data forwarded-and-transported using the SERVICES, or, STORE, RETAIN, OR RECOVER User messages and data AFTER IT IS DULY RECEIVED BY the intended User.

Therefore ZANGZE CANNOT AND DOES NOT ASSUME any responsibility for the correctness, appropriateness, and quality of such contents, especially regarding mistakes, incorrectness, or incompleteness regarding the contents, or losses and damages that occur during contents use which has been published and sent through the SERVICES in any way.

Furthermore, User acknowledges that they agree that ZANGZE shall not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the deletion of data regarding any information, any communication, or other contents entered by a User and transmitted through the SERVICES that is subsequently received (by the intended User recipient).


Users and Groups are strictly forbidden by ZANGZE to engage in ANY of the following, and as such, if discovered by ZANGZE, will be subject to immediate termination by ZANGZE and immediate referral of the User and/or Group by ZANGZE to appropriate and applicable law enforcement agencies :

a) ANY terrorist activities of any nature whatsoever, or, to publish data, texts, pictures, databases, connections, software, or other contents that are illegal, harmful, threatening, subject to fraud, burdening, calumnious, vulgar, obscene, promoting hatred, or which may be otherwise racist in any other way ;
b) In any way, be harmful to-or-for under-aged persons ;
c) To present oneself as some other person using the SERVICES (i.e., as a ZANGZE agent or other ZANGZE responsible person in any capacity, or, to state a non-existing relationship with any such person) ;
d) To enter, send by e-mail, or transmit in any other way, data contents for reproduction of which User is not authorized (i.e., on the basis of secrecy, etc.) ;
e) To harvest or otherwise collect information about other Users, including email addresses, without their consent, or to use transaction data (in particular received e-mails) outside of the transaction for advertising, solicitation, etc.


Users and Companies or Groups acknowledge that ZANGZE and all employees or other business partners of ZANGZE, shall be released and protected from any claim or requirement set by any third parties because of or-due-to the contents entered, published, or transmitted by User within the SERVICES, or resulting from a violation by the User of these T&C. This includes the reasonable direct time charges and direct and indirect out-of-pocket costs of ZANGZE's attorneys (and any other possibly damaged parties) in response to such claim or requirement set by any third parties.


Users and Companies or Groups may NOT copy, duplicate, imitate, sell, resell, or attempt to re-use for commercial purposes any portions of the SERVICES or their parts, their use, or access to the SERVICES, unless they are explicitly permitted in-writing by ZANGZE to do so. NO verbal promises whatsoever from ZANGZE to any User or Group in this regard are either given, or, may be construed or interpreted.


Users and Companies or Groups agree and acknowledge that ZANGZE has the right, at it's sole discretion, to determine and/or modify all general terms and limitations relating to the T&C regarding the SERVICES. ZANGZE further reserves the right, at any moment at it's sole discretion, to modify all or any individual aspect of the SERVICES temporarily or permanently, with or without any notice to Users thereof, or to terminate or cancel them. Users acknowledge and agree that ZANGZE shall not bear any material liability, obligation, or penalty to any User or third party because of modifications, interruptions, or terminations of any or all of the SERVICES.


In case of termination, ZANGZE may delete all undelivered data. This is also valid in case a User has violated these T&C. User agrees that any termination of their access to the SERVICES may be made according to the provisions of these T&C without previous notice thereof, and that ZANGZE may, without any delay, block or delete, and/or prevent User from any further access to the SERVICES. In addition, user agrees that ZANGZE may not be held materially liable in relation to the User or the Group or any third party due to termination of the SERVICES .


ZANGZE does not support or allow the posting of any links, or, support any inter-related or interactive use of other external Websites or Web pages or sources with-or-on the ZANGZE Platform.


Users and Groups acknowledge that the SERVICES, as well as any and all necessary software used by ZANGZE regarding the SERVICES (Software), are subject to the exclusive reserved rights of ZANGZE, and contain confidential and proprietary information of ZANGZE protected by legal regulations, especially those regarding intellectual property protection.


Access and use of the SERVICES by any User or Company or Group is performed at the User's and Companies or Group's sole risk. The SERVICES are provided in form and substance which ZANGZE deems to be good and readily available. Other than as may be represented in these T&C, ZANGZE does NOT guarantee that the SERVICES will correspond to any other particular requirements, including their timely availability at any moment without interruptions or mistakes (which may or may not be out of the control of ZANGZE). Furthermore, ZANGZE shall not provide any guarantee regarding any particular results that may be achieved through the SERVICES, including the correctness and reliability of the information communicated using the SERVICES, or that the quality of the SERVICES will correspond to all User or Group expectations. Also, ZANGZE shall NOT guarantee the lack of failure of the Hardware and Software used to support the SERVICES, or, that any possible failures that do occur with Hardware and Software will always be fixed on an immediate or timely basis.


ZANGZE shall not bear any material liability or responsibility for the behavior of Users, Companies or Groups or other third parties or for the statements given by Users, Companies or Groups or other third parties using the SERVICES. ZANGZE shall not bear any material liability for the damages that may occur during the use (or the lack of use) of the SERVICES. ZANGZE shall not be held materially liable by Users or Groups or other third parties for damages that occur due to interruption, temporary interruption, or termination of SERVICES. Any material liability of ZANGZE, if it exists at all regardless of the above provisions under any legal basis, shall be limited, in any case, to the damages caused by proved intended premeditated behavior by ZANGZE. For all other damages, material liability is in every case excluded, especially for indirect and/or direct damages and typical and untypical resulting damages.


Notices shall be sent by ZANGZE e-mail or by other notice-means using the SERVICES.


Use by Users and Companies or Groups of the SERVICES for the supply, sale or purchase of any of the following products (or NON-ZANGZE-Services related thereto) are strictly prohibited, including (but not necessarily limited to) all of the following :

a) The supply, distribution, advertising and/or promotion of NON-ZANGZE-Services that violate Trademark rights, Copyrights, Performance rights, and/or Commercial rights (Brands, Patents, Usage and Design) ;
b) NON-ZANGZE-Services which are in contradiction to any democratic constitution or laws ;
c) Pornography or pedophilia of any type ;
d) Arms, Ammunition, Narcotics, or Human organs, limbs, or other human parts, or NON-ZANGZE-Services pertaining to any thereto ;
e) Tobacco or other taxable goods, where a law or other governmental control requires the sale at a certain price or under certain other restrictions ;
f) Radioactive or biological poisons, explosives, or other health-endangering chemicals ;
g) Services involving live animals, or products, preparations, or plants that are protected species by law ;
h) Judicial or extrajudicial titles, demands, or accrued benefits ;


ZANGZE observes third party intellectual property and requires all Users, Companies or Groups to do the same.


The protection of User, Companies or Group data is of the highest importance to ZANGZE. ZANGZE shall make all reasonable efforts at all times to endeavor to protect User, Companies or Group data from unauthorized access, or destruction. In this regard, all of the following User and Group security components will be applicable :

a) ZANGZE-issued User Account number, and, affiliated Group number ;
b) ZANGZE-issued User PIN number ;
c) User's self-chosen initial Password, and, User's self-chosen ultra-secure Changed-Password ;
d) ZANGZE-issued, Multi-Layered 4096-bit, RSA-Asymmetric Encrypted, Three-Factor-Authentication (3FA), ZSS Token.
e) All User, Company or Group data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the SWISS Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) which offers, arguably, the strongest privacy protection in the world for both personal individuals and corporate entities. ONLY a court order from the SWISS Cantonal Court of Geneva or the SWISS Federal Supreme Court can compel ZANGZE (and , the U.S. Government CANNOT compel ZANGZE) to release the extremely limited User information that ZANGZE has ;
f) User, Company or Group Messages and data are stored on (and transmitted through) the ZANGZE Servers in Switzerland in Multi-Layered 4096-bit encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format at all stages between the ZANGZE Servers and User's Sticks or smartphones, thus the risk of message interception by any "Man-in-the-Middle" is largely-and-nearly eliminated ;
g) 4096-BIT end-to-end multi-layered encryption is a method of transmitting data where only the Users communicating with each other can access and read the messages. By using this method of Asymmetric cryptographic keys, and individual Sticks that only the Users have control over, no eavesdroppers can decrypt and read the messages or data (AND, IN FACT, NOT EVEN the ZANGZE Servers that actually transmit the User and Group messages and data, can decrypt and read such messages and data).


ZANGZE's failure to use or effect any right or any T&C provisions is not, and shall not be interpreted as, a waiver of any nature whatsoever of any ZANGZE right or T&C provision.


The T&C and the SERVICES offered by ZANGZE are governed by Swiss legislation and Swiss law, and any disputes whatsoever regarding them shall be resolved in accordance with the jurisdiction of applicable courts in Zug - Switzerland.

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