Communications Services Platform


Zangze provides an encrypted Internet Communications Platform through which it makes available individualized and unique Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for use by Groups (established formal "business, social, or governmental" Groups ) of as few as (2) people, or, as many as an unlimited number of people, in order to further enable the User of any specific Group to securely with-and-between other Users of that same specific Group, by each User utilizing a special Zangze Security Token ( ZSS) that is connected through their laptop or desktop computer.

Secure Communication for these Users utilizing the ZSS Token and Zangze Cryptophone, secure email, messaging, data file, pictures or videos transfer and VOIP talk. (collectively, Services), and is provided by Zangze over individualized and unique Virtual Private Networks (VPN) using the Zangze Communication Services Platform.

The ZSS Token and Zangze Cryptophone are both ISO-7816-Certified, and utilize Three-Factor-Authentication ( 3FA ), RSA-Asymmetrically-Encoded, Multi-Layered 4096-bit, and SHA 256-bit and AES 256-bit encoding. The ZSS Token is connected through a User's Laptop or PC, and the Zangze Cryptophone utilizes VOIP, and both are enabled and supported through the Zangze Communication Services Platform.

Zangze Communications Platform is one of our strength. Based on trusted identities, we protect data and communication in a connected world. Our solutions and security components (Zangze Security USB Token (ZSS), Zangze Cryptophone) are integrated into Zangze Communications Platform to ensure data authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality.

The Company or Group Manager needs to register on the Zangze secure page, and after approval and verification through Zangze, the Company need to pay for the ordered number of Zangze ZSS Tokens and/or Zangze Cryptophone Services using ONLY a direct Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer. After activation of the Company or Group Account, the Company or Group Manager sends messages with Group registration link to his Group Users, so that they can register themselves. After this has been completed, Zangze will send the ZSS Tokens and/or Zangze Cryptophones and accompanying Smartcards and PINS to the Company or Group Manager (by Post-delivery) within 20 business days after full payment is received / confirmed.

Each Company or Group User needs to register on the Zangze Website (, and fully complete the application providing Zangze with (but not limited to) their full legal Name, physical residence address, E-Mail address, Country-or-State-issued Photo ID or Passport copy, and their initial choice of a Password (for initial registration purposes only). Upon complete registration, the Company or Group User receives confirmation from Zangze within 1-hour, and the Company or Group Manager will release the ZSS Token and/or Zangze Cryptophone and accompanying Smartcard and PIN to the Company or Group User.

Access to the Zangze Services is available ONLY to Company or Group Users who are properly registered on Zangze, and who are legitimatized and properly identified for use by Zangze and their Company or Group Manager. Currently, the following legitimization and identification data will be applicable :

a ) ZANGZE-issued User Account number, and, affiliated Group number ;
b ) ZANGZE-issued User PIN number ;
c ) User's self-chosen initial Password, and, User's self-chosen ultra-secure Changed-Password ;

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