Zangze take data security very seriously and make every effort to protect your privacy as a user of the Zangze Security Stick (ZSS) , Zangze CryptoPhone and Zangze Communications Platform .

We have this Legal Notice to explain how we handle your personal data.

1. General Information

In order to use ZANGZE SERVICES, Groups (and all their Users) must be willing to provide true, correct, and complete personal data and full disclosure in accordance with ZSS application-form requirements, as well as to periodically update this registration data to remain true, correct, actual, and complete.

2. Personal Data

The protection of User and Group data is of the highest importance to Zangze. Zangze shall make all reasonable efforts at all times to endeavor to protect User and Group data from unauthorized access, or destruction. In this regard, all of the following User and Group security components will be applicable:

a) ZANGZE-issued User Account number, and, affiliated Group number ;
b) ZANGZE-issued User PIN number ;
c) User's self-chosen initial Password, and, User's self-chosen ultra-secure Changed-Password ;
d) ZANGZE-issued, Multi-Layered RSA-Asymmetric 4096-bit Encrypted, Three-Factor-Authentication (3FA), ZSS Token.
e) All User and Group data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the SWISS Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) which offers, arguably, the strongest privacy protection in the world for both personal individuals and corporate entities. ONLY a court order from the SWISS Cantonal Court of Geneva or the SWISS Federal Supreme Court can compel Zangze (and , the U.S. Government CANNOT compel Zangze) to release the extremely limited User information that ZANGZE has ;
f) User and Group Messages and data are stored on (and transmitted through) the ZANGZE Servers in Switzerland in Multi-Layered 4096-bit encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format at all stages between the Zangze Servers and User's Sticks or Zangze Cryptophone, thus the risk of message interception by any "Man-in-the-Middle" is largely-and-nearly eliminated ;
g) 4096-bit end-to-end multi-layered encryption is a method of transmitting data where only the Users communicating with each other can access and read the messages. By using this method of Asymmetric cryptographic keys, and individual ZSS Token that only the Users have control over, no eavesdroppers can decrypt and read the messages or data (and, in fact, not even the Zangze Servers that actually transmit the User and Company or Group messages and data, can decrypt and read such messages and data).

3. Processing and Use of Your Data

Because of the unique nature of the ZSS Stick or Zangze CryptoPhone End-to-End communication methodology being used between Users over each unique Group, Zangze cannot access or control the contents of User messages and data forwarded-and-transported using the Services, or, store, retain, or recover User messages and data after it is duly received by the intended User.

Therefore ZANGZE CANNOT AND DOES NOT ASSUME any responsibility for the correctness, appropriateness, and quality of such contents, especially regarding mistakes, incorrectness, or incompleteness regarding the contents, or losses and damages that occur during contents use which has been published and sent through the Services in any way.

Furthermore, User acknowledges that they agree that Zangze shall not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the deletion of data regarding any information, any communication, or other contents entered by a User and transmitted through the Services that is subsequently received (by the intended User recipient).

4. Termination

In case of termination, Zangze may delete all undelivered data. This is also valid in case a User has violated the T&C. User agrees that any termination of their access to the Services may be made according to the provisions of the T&C without previous notice thereof, and that Zangze may, without any delay, block or delete, and/or prevent User from any further access to the Services.

5. Other Website interaction and posting of lnks

Zanze does not support or allow the posting of any links, or, support any inter-related or interactive use of other external Websites or Web pages or sources with-or-on the Zangze Communications Platform.

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