Zangze Security Stick

Mobility and Secure Protection for the Whole Office with a Zangze USB Fido BioPass Security Token ("ZSS")

The Zangze Security Stick (ZSS) is a uniquely superior and sophisticated personal plug & play USB-device that is used for secure communications.

These Communications include mail, voice chat, instant messaging, data file transfer, and transfer of pictures or videos on individualized Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for Companies, which are made available through the Zangze Communication Platform.

These connections are user-to-user (End-to-End) communication, and each ZSS Token USB-Hardware utilizes a special Zangze-issued, ISO-7816 - Certified, Three-Factor-Authentication (3FA), Zangze USB- BioPass Security Fido-Stick ("ZSS") using SHA256 with ECDSA on P-256 and biometric identification before using the key. The ZSS is connected to the VPN on the Multi-Layered- up to 4096-bits, AES256, SHA256, RSA-Asymmetrically-Encoded Communications Platform through the User's laptop or desktop computer.

This methodology allows for establishing an absolute secure connection for Users through their (or through others) Laptops or Desktops, directly to the Zangze SERVICES Platform located in Switzerland. Once the ZSS Token is removed from the Laptop or Desktop, it leaves no traces / identity in the Host System. The ZSS Token comes with an integrated flash memory, which is verified by the Zangze-Platform Smart Security Management Server (SSMS), and the ZSS Token can be remotely updated by Zangze (if necessary) with the most current-real-time security features and functional optimizations.

When connecting and signing in to the Zangze-Platform, Users have to enter their PIN and their Password to be instantly logged-on. ONLY the User - for their ULTIMATE Security - can (and should) change their Password. IF the User loses either his ZSS Token or his Changed-Password, Zangze cannot recover his Changed-Password, and the User will have to buy a new ZSS Token and set a new PIN and Password. The User's identity is verified by the SSMS. Amongst other things, it checks their identity, the User's IP-Address, User's Group affiliation, and the User's authorization before the User can actually connect to the Zangze-Platform.

ZSS Token provides secure access to virtual Company networks (VPN) on Zangze Platform.

Any connection to the Internet is associated with risks and may open gateways for hackers, spies, and cyber criminals. A single successful attack could have devastating consequences. Zangze has created a powerful Security Communications Platform to meet the advanced mobility and security demands of their customers.

- Secure access to virtual Company networks (VPN) on Zangze Platform.
- Zangze all-in-one solution meets the security needs for your business.
- The necessary encryption and decryption are performed directly in ZSS Token.

All this happens within the fully encoded VPN. The User's identity is on the ZSS Token and thus cannot be used by third parties who do not know the PIN, the Password and correct fingerprint. Any misuse (or interception of messages or data transfer) is thus reliably excluded.

The ZSS Token can be used with MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems, and the ZSS Token-to-ZSS Token operating systems DO NOT have to be the same. Zangze's SSMS will always keep a User's ZSS Token updated. This does not require any measures to be executed by the User. SSMS can be adjusted to possible mandatory updates that require instant installation (and thus prevent further use) or to updates that are to be realized and forced within a specific predefined period.

The biometric fingerprint provided in the ZSS Token comprises a digital identity certification. It is used to ensure each transaction carried out is being equipped with a signature, and to ensure all signatures are made by the User in possession of the ZSS Token and the related PIN and Password.

Absolute User & Group confidentiality due to "No" Zangze access, copy, or control of messages & data.

Zangze USB- BioPass Security Fido-Stick (ZSS)

- SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 256-bit
- ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) 256-bit
- Biometric identification before using the key
- ISO - 7816 - Certified

Zangze Ultra-Secure Internet Communications Platform

- AES (advanced encryption standard) 256-bit
- SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 256-bit
- RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman asymmetrically cryptosystem) 4096-bit

Operating Systems Support:

- Windows
- Linux
- Android

Current ZSS Token & Services Costs:

The Total Package costs for each User for the first year is CHF 448 (Consisting of Onetime Setup & Device Cost for one (1) ZSS Token of CHF 249, plus, Communications Platform Support of CHF 199 / Year).

Costs list

ZSS USB Token and Platform access CHF 249.00
First year Communications Platform Support CHF 199.00
Following year Communications Platform Support CHF 299.00
Replace ZSS USB Token CHF 129.00

Example Sales Agreement

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