Zangze Communication Platform

Simply secure

Swiss secure Communication Platform & USB Crypto Token

Allows the ability for absolute Secure Communication with each other.

Secure email, messaging, data file, pictures or videos transfer and VOIP talk.

ISO-7816-Certified, 3FA, ECDSA, SHA, AES and RSA 4096-bit encoding.

World wide access utilizing the ZSS USB Token and/or Zangze CryptoPhone.

No installation or configuration required.

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Zangze Cryptophone

Simply Secure

Swiss secure CryptoPhone & Communication Platform

Encrypted calling through Zangze Communication Platform

Secure email, messaging, data file, pictures or videos transfer.

End-to-End 3FA, RSA 4096-bit, AES 256-bit and SHA 256-bit Encryption.

Secure connections to the people you need to talk to, inside your organization.

NO Phone Services Provider needed (Only Internet connection required).

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Private individuals, corporations, NGOs, governments, and international organizations are in obligation to use encryption products to protect their sensitive information.
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Over the last years, communications interception has developed into a major industry. Private and organizations in all countries communicate routinely with may yield sensitive political, military or economic information.
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After activation of the Company or Group Account, the Company or Group Manager sends messages with Company or Group registration link to his Company or Group Users, so that they can register themselves.
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In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.
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Transport & courier services

Spedex is part of the Zangze Group AG, with a commercial EU transport license

Express services, Overnight-Curier, On board Curier.

Express deliveries domestically and abroad, also in the evening and on weekends.

Deliveries by car or small van in Switzerland and all over Europe.

Transport of goods of up to 3,500kg (4.8 ldm, 12 pallets).

Whether parcel services, pallets, data carrier transport, motorcycle transport, car transport, moving transport, luggage transport or courier transport – we have the solution.

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